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Controlling your house over the internet
This project was originally made to simulate people in the house while my parents were travelling, to avoid break-ins.
Documentation and tutorial: Home control system. (Translated by google)

(English captions available.)

Video description:
That’s the demonstration of the automation system I made for my house. In which can control you house through any device with internet access such as smartphones, tablets or computers.

You can find the Arduino and PHP codes on:

An explanation of the system can be found on:
But unfortunately there is no english version yet.

To see with google translate, you can use this link:

Home control system.

You can also leave a comment or send me an email:

Thank you!

*It currently have an IP camera that starts recording and alert me by email and SMS if movement is detected inside he house.

Self-balancing platform
Details on how it was made can be found in this post:,68755.0.html

Video description:
The project consists in a microcontroller reading the inclination data from the gyros and accelerometer, processing and driving two servo motors to compensate the pitch and roll.

Arduino Duemilanove with ATMega328.
6DOF Ultra-Thin IMU from sparkfun.
Hitec HS-422 servo motors.

The data is processed by applying kalman filter in which the code was adapted from Lauszus post:,58048.msg417140.html#msg417140

Any question or criticism, please feel free to comment.

Thank you!

More information on:,68755.0.html

Homemade controller
Unfortunately there is no documentation on this project yet. Feel free to ask me for the source files and binaries.

Video description:
This is the controller I’ve made, initially for learning purposes and fun.
The second version has analog sticks (PS2) in the place of some buttons.

I made a software to read the controller data via the USB receiver and emulate a Joystick on Windows. So it is compatible with any Windows game or simulator.
It can also emulate the keyboard and the mouse.
Additionally, there is a connector for plugging pedals.

Yes, this is basically a homemade Wii controller for PC.

ATmega328 microcontroller
3-Axis accelerometer MMA7260Q
Transmitter/Receiver 315 MHz
PL2303 serial to USB bridge. (hacked from a RS232-USB cable)
Pedals from a old Microsoft Sidewinder Wheel

Everything is moddable since it’s made in a breadboard and it was all designed by me.
So any idea and suggestion is welcome.
Also, if you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments.

Thank you for watching!

Altimeter alarm

This device is an altimeter that can be configured to alarm when reaching a predefined altitude or time.
I study and work in a city where I stay on weekdays, but I return to my home town on weekends, by bus.
The bus can get from 45m to 1h45m depending on traffic and I have to leave at the first stop.
The problem is that when I sleep at the bus I may loose my stop. So I made the altimeter alarm.
It beeps when it reaches my citys altitude, so I always wake up in the right moment.

Arduino Nano
BMP085 Barometric pressure sensor
LCD Display

Music with AVR
Looks simple, but it was one of the most difficult projects to make.
Explanation + sources:
I also made an algorithm to convert MIDI files in payable code, to save me from writing all the music note by note.

Video description:
It uses an ATmega328 to outputs the waveform of the timbre of a piano in different speeds to generate different frequencies so as to reproduce the notes of a piano.
It can play up to 2 notes simultaneously and it follows a sequence of notes and times that it should be played for in an array in the program memory.

The entire program (piano timbre + music notes) has 18 kb.

More details at:
16bit microcontroller
Link to the Compiler binary and sources + CircuitMaker installation with the project library loaded: Féo.rar

uC overview:

This is a project of a 16bit microcontroller made all from logic gates and flip-flops, except for the RAM and ROM memories.
There is also a compiler that compiles and creates a ROM memory block with the binary inside, ready for the simulation in CircuitMaker.
The processor, the compiler and the programming language are 100% my own creation.

Inside the CPU:


Video-lessons / Tutorials


Electricity basics
This one is a video lesson about “What is voltage, current and resistance”.
460 likes vs 0 dislikes on youtube.
Take a look at the comments page (translated by google) to see people’s review about my lessons.

And the second part, explaining about the conventional current direction:
LCD Display (Menus, custom chars, etc.)
This is a tutorial about usage of LCD Display, custom char creation and menus.
Take a loot at the comments page (translated by google).
The main page of the tutorial is:

Arduino Standalone on Breadboard
This is a tutorial/video on how to make your Arduino on a breadboard.
It’s divided in two parts:
Standalone basic Arduino.
Arduino on a Breadboard with no other component. (Using the internal 8MHz RC)

Link to the tutorial:

Switching 110/220V from 5V signals using relays
In this tutorial, I explain how to control 110/220V appliance with relays:


Professional projects:


Satellite vessel tracking system
This is the system I’m currently working on.
The main purpose is to periodically acquire the GPS position of a list of vessels and store then in a database to be shown in a page, under the login of a user.
You can see a preview running on my site. Note that this is real time tracking.
Just choose a vessel (navio) from the list and press ‘exibir’ (show).

Another sample can be found here. (No real tracking, only the history)


To be written:

Professional projects:
Remote controlled exploration vehicle
Home automation using ENC28J60

Misc / Incomplete / Abandoned:
Automated microwave oven

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